Helping you on the path to a smart little business


Put your wisdom to work

If you’re thinking about starting a business or rejuvenating one you’re in, I’m here to assist. I’ve specialised in this area for nearly three decades, latterly as the founder of Flying Solo, an online community I sold in 2017. Today I've returned to where it all began, helping individuals transfer their skills into rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable creative enterprises.


It's all in the design  

In my latest book, The 1 - Minute Commute,  I talk about the ‘accidental soloist’ who falls into business without much knowledge or forethought. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and often it just gets a bit messy. A smart little business needn't be like that. What it takes is vision and planning. In the same way you wouldn’t build the house of your dreams without detailed drawings, nor should you start or grow a business without some well-placed foundations. Think of me as a member of your design team.


“If I can feel freedom then I can create.”

Marc newson


What's next?

Learning from the experience of others and steadily building your skills is a fine way to approach your entrepreneurial journey and subscribing to my newsletter and podcast will firmly tick that box. Alternatively, if you're busting to get into action, a quick review of the services I offer is the way to go. Whatever you decide, I'm pleased our paths have crossed.