A podcast pitch to PodcastOne

Thanks for getting this far. What you’ll hear below is a sample recorded in one take. I’ve done no editing, aside from adding the music, and yes, I trip up in a couple of places. The crappy artwork is my own work too.

The idea behind The Book Brief is simple: Each show is an audio summary of one of the best business books around and is a quick, effective way to feed your brain, build your business and grow your expertise. Need to bone up on a bestseller? Stay ahead of the book reading curve? Impress colleagues and friends? The Book Brief can help.


At the time of contacting you, I’m negotiating a licence to use a large quantity of book summaries, each to become a podcast narration script and each edited to follow the format and flow of this sample.

The opportunities I foresee with The Book Brief include:

  • The ability to launch a new podcast and dominate a space that no-one is doing justice to at the moment. Blinkist does a great job, but is a subscription-based app, not a free podcast. There are a few book summary podcasts out there, but they’re irregular, amateur and very hit and miss.

  • With no guests to deal with, a relatively experienced voice (me) and immediate access to a large number of show scripts (each typically 8-12 minutes in duration), The Book Brief could launch with a large back catalogue from day one - all likely to appeal to new listeners. I see a valuable long tail here as business bestsellers are generally fairly evergreen.

  • Book themes will cover entrepreneurship, leadership, team work, strategy, marketing, finance, motivation, innovation…every business topic you can imagine. Plus with a large bank of scripts to call on, we can go where we need to go. Additionally, with resources like Amazon book reviews and sales charts, we would always know which titles are likely to resonate strongly.

Who the heck is Robert Gerrish?


Great question. In 2005, I founded the Flying Solo online community that with a small team grew to a membership of over 120,000 Australian small businesses, before selling to David (Kochie) Koch and his Pinstripe Media Group in late 2017. I co-wrote the bestseller of the same name and in mid-2018 launched my latest book, The 1-Minute Commute with publisher, Pan Macmillan.

Alongside my writing, I present at conferences and events and host the following podcasts:


I’ve presented the Flying Solo Podcast for over 5 years; in early 2018 I started The Business of Bookkeeping as a major business development tool for franchise group, First Class Accounts, and most recently, I’ve begun my own Rekindle Podcast that looks at how to stay fresh and engaged while at work.

I’m based in Sydney and would be happy to come in for a chat if any of this piques your interest. Thank you again for reading this far.

If you’d like to see me in action, here’s my presentation showreel.

If you’d like to tee up a time to talk, please either reply to the email I sent you, or use the form below. Either way, you’ll find me surprisingly responsive.

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