Who gives a damn?

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If there's one thing that freaks out startups of all ages, it's finding and growing a solid customer base. And while failure statistics are often exaggerated, the main cause of things heading south is an inability to flog our wares. Here are a couple of stories that may just help.

Let me apologise straight way. If you've been to one of my presentations recently or have somehow read my new book, The 1 Minute Commute - which is unlikely, as it isn't released until June 26th - then you may be familiar with the two stories I use in this podcast. But I've no doubt rearranged the words a bit, so well worth another review I suggest.

What do you need to do to get noticed?

One stars the Francois Langur monkey, who, while born bright orange has very dark brown parents. It turns out, our hero needs to stand out, lest Mummy and Daddy monkey wander off elsewhere. 


Next up, I meander into the world of self-defence. Not because I'm any kind of expert in the topic, but because on a short course some years ago, I learned a little gem that is very relevant to our business journeys. Please have a listen. I for one, give a great big damn that you do.

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Robert Gerrish