It's ok to pivot and it's ok to stop.

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The creative brain constantly whirrs, so it's inevitable we'll have new ideas and want to follow new directions. Monica Davidson sees no problem with this and nor should we.

In this episode of Mellow Brick Road I learn a lot about Monica's work and how she ended up running a business devoted to the support of those in the creative industries.

I particularly like the way she so readily accepts that having a creative talent does not seamlessly translate into having business skills and her view that what you need to know is not necessarily that difficult to learn.

Creative people are exceptionally good at failure
— Monica Davidson

She's been in the game for a number of years and while starting out as a filmmaker, has segued quite comfortably into the role of educator and trainer.

She talks a fair bit about failure - I love her quote - and makes the point that errors and missteps are built into the creative process. It's a refreshing way to look at the topic I feel. As opposed to the all-to-common perceptions that I mentioned in my last post.

We conclude by looking at how the creative industries are perceived and how artificial intelligence and other forces are likely to impact in the future. We both agree - hopefully not too naively - that as creatives are constantly working in the 'problem solving' space, we surely will not be replaced by technology any day too soon. Surely. 

I hope you enjoy the show and if you'd like to learn more of Monica's fine work, head along to her website.

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Robert Gerrish