"How did I end up here?"


Ah, the plaintive query of the accidental entrepreneur. The person who is at the helm of something that has evolved while they weren’t really paying attention.

Over the past couple of decades I’ve come across many hundreds of people who are buried in a business that just kind of happened.

No plan. No design. And all too quickly, not much fun.

This is not what I imagined!
— Say a heap of people who didn't actually imagine much

In this episode of Mellow Brick Road, I’m flying solo. Just little ol' me chatting away for a few short minutes, but on a topic that warrants your attention, whether you’re in pre-startup or already moving along.

Maybe your business is far from accidental, but on closer inspection you may just realise you’ve left a door ajar and allowed some less-than-healthy elements to sneak in. Have a listen and see what you think.

To take this topic further, here are a couple of links to resources that you should find useful. 

1. A nifty vision-building tool

In my first book, Flying Solo: How to go it alone in business I put a great deal of emphasis on the need to create a meaningful business vision. Here's where you can read and download the chapter that fully explains how and what to do. 

2. How to be your best boss

A couple of years ago I wrote and presented a series of videos that became a comprehensive online course, called Work your way. You can snare the full series as part of membership with Flying Solo AND you can watch this sample module for free. You'll find it very relevant to the whole accidental business theme.

I hope you enjoy the show. Feedback and commentary is most welcome. Let me have it.

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Robert Gerrish