So what do you do?


Having been involved with the Victorian Small Business Festival for a few years, it was lovely when I was invited to create a short series involving creative and older entrepreneurs from the Melbourne region. Armed with my little recorder, I hit the trams, trains and buses and met a very interesting bunch.


Over the next 4 shows, I'll introduce you to people who have started diverse little businesses that satisfy their creative needs and wants. 

My first guest is Sumi Sivalingam from the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster, 15kms North East of the CBD.

Sumi moved to Australia from Malaysia and has established herself as a bookkeeper for a growing band of multicultural clients. She loves her work, loves supporting her clients and shares where she gets her motivation and resilience. 

After spending time with Sumi, I ducked back into the City and spent a few hours wandering around the National Gallery and as I always do when I'm in the neighbourhood, walked over to Federation Square.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 5.57.45 pm.png

While some dislike the architecture, I think it's a marvel of inner city design and I love its energy. As luck would have it, I stumbled across a little artisans market on my visit and hadn't been there long before I found Triet Trieu and his young family running a great little business, Wrap Roll It - here he is on Instagram -  all from the tiny interior of a 1950s Australian caravan. 

Riding the 'food truck' wave, Triet was doing a great trade, but I managed to drag him away for a quick chat.

What I particularly loved about Triet's approach to business is that what looks, outwardly cool, fashionably homemade and somewhat hipstery, is deceptively well strategised and planned. Triet knows where he's going and he's very clear that for the next little while the family comes first. 

Have a listen to his story, I think you'll like it. 

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Robert Gerrish