How this architect made a successful escape to the country

Linda keeps an eye on progress of one of her projects as it nears completion.

Linda keeps an eye on progress of one of her projects as it nears completion.


When moving from the city, Linda Wright was unsure how her business would progress. By getting involved in the community and speaking up about those things she holds dear, she soon got noticed.

Let’s not pretend it was easy though. Moving to a place with no contacts, no network and no idea where, when, or indeed if the first client would show up is a harrowing proposition.

It did feel like I was throwing myself into a void
— Linda remembers how it felt

Rather than rushing out and blatantly promoting or advertising - neither being her style - Linda set about joining groups and communities who were involved in issues that are important to her.

She sat on a local bio-diversity committee, joined a couple of environmental initiatives and started to connect with a number of like-minded residents. Listen in to hear how this contributed to the practice she runs today.

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