A funny approach to business


Carl Sherriff uses the power of cartoons to engage and connect with business audiences and not surprisingly, he’s an entertaining guy to hang around with. His is not the easiest concept to sell, but over the years he’s learned some good strategies.

If you've got time to look around Carl's Corporate Storyteller website you'll see that he practices what he preaches and uses humorous imagery to get his own message across.

Get rid of the flares
— Carl's advice to his younger self

In our interview he spells out how case histories help enormously when it comes to selling his services and I found this a great reminder that's clearly transferable to every business.

At the core of his work is the need - as the practitioner - to have a deep understanding of the strategy that sits behind 'the brief' and it's this that is so often ignored, or glossed over, in situations where projects get messy. Happily, as we hear, Carl is an old hand at this and jobs don't go awry as a consequence.

Carl definitely has his own style and approach and I love that he won't budge. Take him as he is, or don't take him at all. 


Having attended a fair few events and conferences, I'm so impressed that Carl manages to sit off to one side, listen to presentations and then quickly summarise the key points onto his visual storyboard.

A rare talent indeed and quite astonishing that at his tender age he's off getting tattoos to keep himself focused and attentive to opportunity.

'Do more' neatly sums up his approach to life and I feel fortunate to have him as one of my mates. 

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Robert Gerrish