Be brave and ask for help

Detail of photo by   from   Pexels

Detail of photo by from Pexels


As skilled as she was teaching others to work productively and maintain a positive mindset, Emma Grey had to embrace external support like never before when her world was turned upside down.

There are so many insights in this interview regarding the painful lessons Emma has learned about priorities and how to ask for and accept help.

When I outlined the challenges I address with Rekindle she spoke of what she describes as the scenario where so many of us ‘operate as if in a high-functioning rut’. I can totally resonate with that view and think it sums up how many of us feel at certain points in our work.

It’s not that help isn’t available, it’s that we’re tentative to ask
— Emma tests her theories in the talks she gives

A few years ago, with her business partner Audrey Thomas, Emma launched My 15 Minutes a sequence of practical activities capable of being undertaken fifteen minutes at a time that will draw you closer to how you’re wanting to be and feel and supported by an online cheer squad. It’s a fabulous concept and I feel sure that 15 minutes a day spent working on improving engagement with your business will do much to achieve the aims of Rekindle.

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Robert Gerrish