Don't rest until you've found your tribe

Josie is no stranger to research. Detail of photo by   mentatdgt   from   Pexels

Josie is no stranger to research. Detail of photo by mentatdgt from Pexels


Josie McLean was so concerned that she saw the world differently to others, she feared she was losing it. That put her on a quest to find individuals and groups who shared her views around sustainability and the future of our planet. Happily she found them and began a greatly re-energised sense of purpose.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Josie for around twenty years and have always found her to be a hugely calming influence. But under that mellow exterior burns a fire of impatience and energy.

I use my practice as a way of developing myself
— Constant learning keeps Josie energised

Josie helps leaders and organisations prepare and instigate change and as someone who confesses to a strong aversion towards repetition, I’d say she’s ideally placed.

As you’ll hear, her hunger to learn and help others has at times come at a price. On more than one occasion she’s got dangerously close to burnout and fatigue.

I particularly admire Josie’s story about the senior executive who chose to lie low and hide when a particular issue arose and how that was a catalyst for a change to how she approached her ‘assignments’. Anyone considering avoidance as opposed to facing things head on, had best find someone other than Josie to assist.

Find out more about her work at The Partnership or connect on LinkedIn.

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