Where are you in the elevator?

Detail of photo by   Emiliano Fanti   from   Pexels

Detail of photo by Emiliano Fanti from Pexels


Bundled into a camper van with her globetrotting parents and experiencing a Steiner education, doubtless contributed to Vashti Whitfield’s take on life. As you’ll hear, she’s deeply committed to challenging human potential.

Her very name celebrates ‘disobedience’ - these days Vashti prefers ‘disruption’ - and she unquestionably enjoys challenging the status quo. I’m sure it’s what makes her such a sought after coach and mentor.

What are you about?
— Don't expect Vashti to ask what you do

In our conversation, Vashti uses the analogy of an elevator traveling through a high-rise to describe the journey we might choose to take to refresh and re-energise and I think it works supremely well.

Given the tragic loss of her soulmate, the Hollywood actor, Andy Whitfield, there’s clearly great poignancy in Vashti’s focus on what we do with our time on earth and what we leave behind.

Follow Vashti’s work and make contact here and watch Be Here Now on Netflix.

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Robert Gerrish