Hunter blows things up

Happily never this dramatic, but you get the idea.

Happily never this dramatic, but you get the idea.


Hunter Leonard was running a 20 person agency and doing well, but fun and excitement had left the building, replaced by admin and drudgery. So he did what he’s done before and turned everything upside down. It seems to be a strategy that works.

Of course he doesn’t literally blow stuff up, but as you’ll hear in this podcast he’s not adverse to dramatically changing his business model. As it turns out, Hunter is something of a serial self-disruptor and it’s possibly thanks to this that he has developed a kind of ‘blow it up’ system that he follows.

He told me I was crazy on a few things
— Hunter's mentor didn't hold back

Hunter is a planner - which doubtless accounts for the success of his marketing agency - and while that shouldn’t come as a surprise, to me it did. Too frequently, when the ‘I’m so over this’ feeling enters an entrepreneur’s mindset, knee-jerk drama is just around the corner. Not so in this instance.

I love the way Hunter was able to keep his agency and equally importantly, re-design it in a such a way that his key staff could largely take the reins and develop their work-lives as a consequence.

"Everybody counts or nobody counts" as one of my fictional heros, LAPD detective Harry Bosch always says. And there I am back to thinking about blowing things up.

Connect with Hunter on LinkedIn; learn more of his work with older entrepreneurs at Silver and Wise and find his bestselling book, Generation Experience at Amazon.

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Robert Gerrish