Mandi takes long service leave

Siena photo by   Kai Pilger   from   Pexels

Siena photo by Kai Pilger from Pexels


After ten years growing and running her business, Mandi Gunsberger successfully sold up and took the family to Italy. So how does an extended break from work change her view of the world and set her up for the future? In this Rekindle podcast we find out.

Soon after the ink had dried on the contracts to sell her business, Mandi bundled her three daughters and partner, Ben onto the plane and headed for the Italian city of Siena. She’d never been there, doesn’t speak the lingo and didn’t have much of a plan.

For anyone who knows Mandi, this spirit of adventure comes as no surprise.

up, down, you love it, you hate it...
— Mandi on the journey of an entrepreneur

As I chatted to Mandi it became clear that her ‘gap year’ is not a time to sit in the garden and stare at the view, but instead is a planned period of contemplation and planning. At one point we learn that hubby Ben already has more than 125 ideas in his spreadsheet for possible future ventures. Er, that’s a lot.

Alongside this Mandi is jetting off around Europe banging the entrepreneurial drum and is clearly excited to get the next big thing going. For me, the key message to come from Mandi’s experiences is the importance of having a group of trusted advisors on hand and I sense they are in her life no matter where in the world each find themselves.

Follow Mandi and her professional work here and if you really want to unsettle your equilibrium, see what fun the Gunsbergers are having on their Siena For Five blog.

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