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Leanne is big fan of the empowering apparel from  @confetti_rebels

Leanne is big fan of the empowering apparel from @confetti_rebels


For Leanne Faulkner everything seemed to be going so well. An ‘accidental business’ struck a chord and quickly grew. Then along came the downturn and almost overnight business plummeted and sadly so did Leanne. Her experience precipitated huge change and today she’s devoted to helping others avoid a similar fate.

It’s okay to be joyous
— Today, Leanne pauses to celebrate success

I’ve known Leanne for a few years now and have seen the incredible work she’s achieved within the area of small business mental health. In the interview she shares some valuable tips to help us avoid the ghastly experiences she went through.

To follow more of Leanne’s work, head to her website and if you, or anyone you know, needs help and support, the following resources are growing on an almost daily basis…due in no small part to Leanne’s relentless advocacy work.

  • Ahead for business: A website and app to help you take action on your own mental health and wellbeing.

  • Heads Up: Full of case studies, training and resources. Particularly useful for those with a small team of employees.

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