Never stop learning

School was not Julian’s natural learning environment. Photo by  Skitterphoto  from  Pexels .

School was not Julian’s natural learning environment. Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels.


Julian Mather had his heart set on being a photo journalist and yet his first lens was attached to a sniper's rifle. While his journey through the world of work has continued to be eventful, one thread has been constant.

And that is his love of learning.

A long career behind the camera with the likes of the ABC, BBC, The Discovery Channel and CNN satisfied Julian’s initial career goal, but when he started making mistakes - 20+ years in, mind you - he realised something needed to change.

When I’m not learning, I get bored
— These days, Julian recognises the signals early

Making errors shows Julian that he’s disengaging with this work and that signals that learning has stagnated. Periodically, his solution is to turn things upside down and of course this can and does impact his revenue and have a knock-on effect for his family. As you’ll hear, that doesn’t stop him.

With the support of his nearest and dearest, he doesn’t shy away from regular transformation and draws confidence from an awareness that any form of failure also brings knowledge of something new.

And it is this, without fail, that fuels his next step. Surely a good environment in which to stay upbeat and energised?

Find out more about Julian and his work as a speaker, presenter and videographer at

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