The appeal of the portfolio

Photo by  David Jakab  from  Pexels

Photo by David Jakab from Pexels


Yuri Cataldo's creative journey has seen him lecture at Yale, Princeton and Stanford, work in theatre design on Broadway and kickstart a couple of businesses. So what does he do when he's feeling less than energetic? Mainly, he leans on people. 

Well, he does a fair bit more than that as you’ll hear and importantly, those he leans on are well-briefed and have come to know what to expect. He calls them his ‘masterminds’.

Yuri is also a strong believer that just because he’s created something, doesn’t mean he has to slave away at it all day, every day. We all need to take breaks, lest we become ‘business bores’.

The whole ‘hustle your face off’ thing drives me nuts!
— Yuri knows what he doesn't like

For anyone in the creative industries, there’s lots to like and agree with in this podcast and Yuri’s willingness to embrace a ‘portfolio’ working life is surely largely driven by his desire to keep fresh and engaged.

I really like his comment about starting new ventures, particularly the piece where he says “just because I baked that cake, doesn’t mean if it’s terrible, that I have to eat it”. Amen to that.

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Robert Gerrish