Allow time for ideas to percolate

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I got delightfully lost talking with Julie Paterson and it wasn't until some way in to our conversation that I got back on track with my theme. Funnily enough, letting things sit awhile is precisely what's worked for her.

Julie is a painter, printmaker and textile designer whose work I’ve adored for over twenty years. In the early days of my coaching and consulting business I threw myself at her as I wanted to better understand her creative process and I could see her approach to business was as unique as her talent.

I’m unsure if Julie got much from my counsel, but delightfully for me, to this day her work adorns much of my home.

Reduce overheads by 40% or you’re going under
— An accountant lays it on the line for Julie

At startup, her vision didn’t go much beyond the first six months and I think she surprised herself when her work got fairly instant traction. Hers is a story of perseverance, of peaks and troughs and an unflinching commitment to doing the finest work.

As she says on her gorgeous website ‘I live a simple life. It feels good.’ Sounds like daily rekindling to me.

This video created by the Australian Design Centre a couple of years ago, gives a great sense of how Julie lives and works. Hands up who wants a workspace like that one. I know I do.

Her Cloth Fabric work is detailed here and her available workshops here.

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Robert Gerrish