Maintaining your energy

One of Ben’s landscape shots, from his popular  On3Legs photography blog .

One of Ben’s landscape shots, from his popular On3Legs photography blog.


Ben Fewtrell has been involved in a number of businesses and today spends much of his time helping others build theirs. He’s a keen landscape photographer, pilot and family man and while he’s usually upbeat and energetic, he admits to getting a bit so-so now and then.

Today he may know how to turn things around, but it’s not always been that way.

Early in his business career, Ben had a spell when he didn’t want to get out of bed and would make fake appointments just to avoid going into the office. So it’s fair to say he really understands the need to rekindle and rejuvenate.

In this podcast, he talks candidly about his wavering state of mind and his realisation that his early failings were due largely to having insufficient tools in his toolbox - toughing it out and pretending, rather than building knowledge and skills.

As you’ll hear, he’s learned his lesson and today prioritises his mindset above all else.

My mind is always getting fed really healthy information
— If Ben has a knowledge gap, he fills it pronto.

The demands of his Max My Profit coaching business keeps Ben at the top of his game and his consumption of two audiobooks a week surely helps too!

As you’ll hear, he’s a firm believer that in life and business the goal should always be to recognise those actions or outcomes that undermine our enjoyment, and work hard to bring about change. Aye, aye to that.

Towards the close of our discussion, Ben mentions The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, a book that explores the power of small, regular actions. I’ve since read it and highly recommend it. Here’s a video of Darren explaining the concept.

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