Finding others who’ve been there

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Lisa Sweeney values connection and is constantly on the lookout for partnerships and collaborations. This served her well in her corporate life and clearly suits her role as CEO of Business in Heels. As you’d imagine, she’s a firm believer in the power of a good network.

In this interview, Lisa shares her thoughts relating to the four stages of competence and explains how the role of an organisation such as hers can assist when we find ourselves needing support to take the next step.

Talking to other people that get it
— Lisa's top tip when it comes to facing challenges

When it comes to empathy and encouragement, she clearly supports the role played by family and friends, but is very clear that this alone is not enough. What we need are the learnings and experiences of those who have truly trodden the path. As she says ‘people that get it’.

An early-riser, Lisa runs a very structured day, knows where to turn should she need particular help and assistance and is not a lover of multi-tasking. Practicing what she preaches, she connects to numerous groups and networks and very obviously has her own professional development front and centre.

I hope you enjoy this episode of Rekindle. Image of Lisa courtesy of Glenn Ferguson, The Geelong Advertiser.

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Robert Gerrish