Releasing the teacher within

Detail from ‘Kazakh Eagle Hunters of Mongolia' series. Copyright Sarah Jenkins, 2017.

Detail from ‘Kazakh Eagle Hunters of Mongolia' series. Copyright Sarah Jenkins, 2017.


Sarah Jenkins knew the time was right to shift direction, but it was only after a little freelance assignment that the flashbulbs really went off. A few years on she’s winning international awards and forging ahead in some exciting directions.

Well into her career as a graphic designer, Sarah became despondent with the way the industry was moving. Rather than fully embrace the move to desktop design, she jumped ship with little more than a notion that her future had photography front and centre.

The people I meet keep me inspired
— Sarah stays recharged through the energy of others

Well she got that right! Today she runs a series of photography courses and workshops in Sydney is a multi award winning documentary travel and portrait photographer and puts her graphic design skills to good use through her custom designed photobooks.

As you’ll hear, Sarah works diligently to get meaningful feedback from her customers and contacts and draws tremendous value from this. Hmm, a key ingredient of a successful rekindle perhaps?

Having spent this time with her, I’m still somewhat amused that what started as an avoidance of technical innovation in one industry has led to a near-total immersion within other tech focused areas. And she’s clearly loving it.

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