Keynote to 100+ Copywriters, May 2018

For this presentation on the topic of handling difficult clients, I chose to use just one static slide and turn the word ‘Ideal’ into an acronym. I figured this would help engage my audience of writers. Following my presentation, I had 18 attendees approach me for one-on-one consultation. Testimonials are shown under the video…proving (happily) that writers love to write! Language warning: I use a couple of minor expletives in this presentation in a desperate bid to appear young and hip.

The sort of session that would have you claiming your spot in the front of an event if you knew he would be up next.
— Rachel Alt
He has confidence and charisma in spades and left the whole room wanting more.
— Anna Rogan
He was full of insight and wisdom yet delivered his talk in a relaxed and entertaining manner ...
— Nerissa Bentley
What Robert does so well is bring out the mastery and the insights of the audience themselves.
— Matt Fenwick
He’s my rock in the stormy business seas.
— Kate Toon, Conference Host
He educated and entertained us, in equal measure
— Liz Green
I loved Robert’s thoughtful, witty and practical presentation...
— Jane Clement
His presentation was clever, engaging, funny and one of the highlights of the conference.
— Kate Tilden
I knew from the moment he finished presenting this was a man who could help me navigate my business and offer insightful and intelligent advice.
— Donna Webeck
Following the brilliance he presented that day, I promptly booked a one-on-one phone consultation.
— Johanna Kohler

For further testimonials from this and other presentations, please visit my LinkedIn page and to see a compilation of other appearances, my short speaker video is probably worth a look, as is my downloadable speaker profile. If you’d like to discuss my role within any plans you’re hatching, just get in touch and let’s talk.